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HausSitter and FM Solutions offers security and service from a single source and supports customers in Germany and neighboring countries continue ...

Accompany of Older People

This service allows older people to travel, go out and to enjoy their free time. 
We care for, that you feel not alone and accompany you continue ...

House-sitters and house services as "shared butler" services - an all-round service for vacation, illness, extended absence or just for comfort

You have reached a certain standard of living, want a carer / private secretary / butler for your need about your own real estate and your loved ones (parents, children, animals) during a long absence from home or the holiday home or even year round?

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 Then we have with our comprehensive and modular range of services from housesitter, dog sitter, human care, facility manager, housekeeper, nanny, chauffeur and secretary and much more the ideal and individual service package for you.

You only have one contact person and you do not have to bother with various service providers, days off or replacement of staff.  We do many of the tasks with our own staff, optional services are provided by our partner companies, but of course, we take over the coordination and performance monitoring including billing .

With this idea, we follow American companies that have been offering such comprehensive services since 1974.




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