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Accompany of Older People

This service allows older people to travel, go out and to enjoy their free time. 
We care for, that you feel not alone and accompany you continue ...

Personal Care

Elderly seniors or children staying at home are lovingly and responsibly cared for by our caretakers

  • Our house keepers keep company or look several times daily for those who stayed at home

  • They provide for the preparation of meals, run errands and pay attention to the prescribed intake of medicines.

  • Depending on the agreed support costs, surcharges will be charged at the base price home care.

  • However, physical care is expressly excluded.

We will gladly make you a non-binding offer


General info about the House-sitter activity

Our employees

We mainly employ people who have already left the labor force, especially former civil servants, members of the Bundeswehr, housekeepers, etc., who regard their occasional activities as a welcome change and gladly accept them.


The duties of a House-sitter

During their stay, the following activities are required:

- Pet care (most customers have dogs and / or cats!)

- Pour flowers / plants - empty postbox, answer / transfer calls etc.

- carry out checks

- sometimes lawn mow or scattering service/ clear snow

This should also reduce the risk of burglary during the travel of our customers by your presence, but not avert a burglary forcibly. Of course, this presupposes that you are mainly in the property, you can of course go shopping, walking, swimming, etc.

As a rule, the property should be left daily for not more than 3 hours (in the dark, a maximum of 1 hour). Not required cleaning, care and manual work. Also, you should leave the house as clean as you found it at the takeover.

Otherwise, all the facilities in the house, including the kitchen, are usually available (self-catering, but many of our clients provide you with staple foods), which makes you feel at home.

The duration of your stay is on average 1-2 weeks, sometimes only a few days or even one or more months. The choice of appointments, place and duration is yours! However, we do expect that you will be available several times a year at certain times, especially when "your" customer needs you.

The remuneration

It is an activity in the context of "short-term" or "marginal employment". It is each time-limited for the actual duration of employment with a time agreement. The effective workload is 1 to 2 hours a day and includes a possibly pet care. For that monthly payments of up to € 450 (net) including additional meals costs for own household are reimbursed (ie € 18 net per day).

For orders, which include care about persons (only if you want) or increased expenses for the pet care appropriate surcharges are paid. The details of the payment is made in the time contract. The social security contributions with income tax and solidarity surcharge are taken over by our company.

Also, you will be liable- and accident insured by us, limited to the scope of the statutory public liability and the statutory accident insurance of the professional association.

The travel costs associated with the respective use are reimbursed according to the valid tariffs of the DBB 2nd class against proof of journey or when driving with your own car with 0,30 € per km up to 150 km distance. For larger distances, flat rates are agreed.

If your spouse you accompany you (with the agreement of the customer), the payment is only for the person hired as a House-sitter.


The requirements and preconditions

As already mentioned, the nature of the activity requires absolute reliability and a perfect reputation, but also level, cleanliness and above all, animal love and experience in dealing with dogs or cats. Also, you should still be vigorous and have no serious diseases.

Depending on your details, we also endeavor to find the "best" customer for you - and vice versa, of course. Before hiring, we need to thoroughly review you due to legal requirements. For an application we need the following documents:

, Police certificate of good conduct (can be obtained easily from your registration office or your municipality

, Tabular CV. Proof of your professional activities (in the case of former civil servants / professional soldiers, the official certificate or the discharge certificate is sufficient)

, Passport photo (can be from the machine)

, your pension insurance number (if available)

, completed questionnaire

, possibly references (suffice addresses)

(If not required differently in the covering letter, please for the time being only return the completed questionnaire!)



The House-sitter activity is only for non-working ladies, men and couples, looking for a change with some holiday character, maybe want to get to know a new area and are ready to represent the homeowners.

The job is hardly suitable for someone who relies on regular additional income and only wants to keep houses because of that.

Housekeeping is not an exhausting, but a responsible activity, whereby not you, but we bear the responsibility towards the customer. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that we can hire only ladies and gentlemen as employees who have the above prerequisites and can also prove them.



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Haussitter and Facility Management Solutions

your complete provider for management, quality control and the execution of all conceivable services from a single source

Berthold Birkelbach

Tel .: +49 (0) 69/67777 998;
Mobile: +49 (0) 1514 3652719