The tasks of the Nanny include the age-appropriate promotion and demand of the children, education in consultation with the parents (eg the establishment of rules or the teaching of manners), the organization of the daily routine, accompaniment to activities (baby swimming, Krabbelgruppe, instrumental lessons, etc.). ) or helping with the organization of children's birthday parties and playdates.

The Nanny, with her sound education, always keeps an eye on the healthy development of the child and ensures an age-appropriate range of games and a stimulating learning environment. Our nannies are familiar with bilingual language education and playfully encourage the child's language development in one or two native languages.

A regular exchange with the parents is self-evident, our nannies document the development of their protégés in a so-called nanny diary to keep parents informed about development and learning progress. Domestic activities are not part of the job of the nanny. However, the nanny takes care of the order in the children's room, the hygienic cleanliness of the toys or the care of the children's laundry. The Nanny prepares - if desired - breakfast, lunch and dinner for the children and ensures healthy snacks.

As a rule, the nanny does not undertake any further work in the household, but this may vary in individual cases and must be discussed individually before starting work