Elderly seniors or children staying at home are lovingly and responsibly cared for by our employees

An increasing number of older people require regular care by the hour or day without the need for real care. In this important phase of life between 100% self-sufficiency and the later necessary care by professionals, we offer with our team of active pensioners and retirees a service that allows those affected to maintain the quality of life over the individually maximum period while relieving the relatives.

Our care for senior citizens enables older people to travel, go out and enjoy their free time We keep you company and accompany you to:

Walks and rides

Make purchases or do purchases for you

Cultural events such as theater, opera, museum and concert visits

Cemetery visits and help with the grave care

Our employees take care of society or look several times a day for those who stayed at home. Seniors are attentively and patiently looked after.

They provide for the preparation of meals, run errands and pay attention to the prescribed intake of medicines.
However, physical care is expressly excluded.

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