What are the main tasks of a House-sitter?

The special feature of this service is the uninterrupted occupancy of the property by House-sitter with at least 20-hour mandatory attendance every day. Our House-sitter look after the entrusted object as if they were the owner of your home.


Our House-sitters

  • take over phone calls and daily mail for you
  • care about plants, flowers and the garden and
  • provide the snow removal and scattering service in winter
  • Above all, they look after and supply your pets in their familiar environment


The duties of our House-sitters, however, also include the preservation of the object to be protected from damage of any kind. In emergencies, they initiate first aid measures and notify - depending on the location - the police, the fire department, the installer or the veterinarian.


How do the police judge House-sitting?

The police (the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation and the Commission on Preventive Crime - KVK -) considers that House-sitting has a protective effect, which is able to reduce related crimes. The house-sitter-agencies provided an objectively appropriate approach to burglary prevention.

Already in Criminal Police Prevention Program 88-VII was stated:

House-sitter protect against burglary

"To ensure that your holiday does not end with a nasty surprise, the police advise:" There are houssitter-service-companies whose employees care for the house, care for animals and garden during the homeowner's absence. "


Which selection criteria have our House-sitters to fulfill?

Our House-sitters are almost exclusively seniors (retirees and pensioners), which are reviewed in terms of their personality, career and living conditions before the first job for us. Their life experience, seriousness, reliability and enthusiasm are important prerequisites for the responsible task.

The selection of the House-sitter (lady, gentleman or couple) takes place individually according to your wishes. The services to be provided are determined together with you and recorded in checklists. 


What advantages do professional House-sitters have over "private" House-sitters?

  • Comprehensive review of the reputation, previous occupations, family relationships
  • Presence with at least 20-hour attendance, which is monitored regularly
  • In case of emergency, immediate help from our management team, our house-sitter are not on their own
  • Our house-sitter will be replaced immediately by other qualified employees in case of illness
  • All our employees are fully covered by a public liability insurance. Damage, which can always arise due to a mishap of an employee, we replace in the context of the insurance protection.

How does the process of a House-sitter assignment work?

We define our individually tailored to your wishes services together with you in a personal conversation at your home.

In your interest, the staff selection is made. We know best in this way, which House-sitter is the right one for you. Of course you can get to know the House-sitter (lady, gentleman or couple, non-smoker, etc.) that has been selected according to your wishes beforehand and you can already instruct him/her.

The House-sitter arrives punctually on the date you have set. This should be done at least two hours before your departure so that you can give the last instructions in peace. You have previously completed our handover checklists where you can prepare all necessary information, knowing that nothing will be forgotten.

The House-sitter now moves into your house (your apartment) and ensures, through his constant presence, a safe home and carefully cared for pets. He leaves the house only in the framework of his instructions.

During your absence, the house-sitter notes i.e. phone calls according to the agreements made. In addition, we are in daily contact with our employees and convince us that everything is alright.

The carefully planned procedure should exclude as far as possible all imponderables. Of course, we still have a public liability insurance. Personal, property, property and theft damages are insured up to a limit amount with the employment of our housekeepers.

But something can happen to the House-sitter, too. This risk is covered by a corresponding accident insurance, which also extends to the winter and scattering service. Furthermore, there is a pet owner insurance.